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Out of Hibernation?

Like everyone else, Newick Rootz have had to stop activities during the pandemic, and until recently we have not held a Workday since February 2020. However, now that we hopefully have a glimmer of light on the horizon, we have been able to restart activities. Last year we had a dry, hot summer and the growth of vegetation around the village's footpaths was held back. This year has of course been a different matter. The wet weather in May and June, coupled with a few warmer spells, has meant that the weeds have grown rampant. We know that several footpaths have become very overgrown and in one case, pretty much impassable.

We have now had one Workday to do path clearance and another is planned soon. Also, we have appealed for help from the professionals at East Sussex County Council to clear the worst paths.

Please see News for more information.