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We hold meetings once a month, and these take place in the Sports Pavilion by the King George V playing fields. We review the previous workdays and receive reports from members about the condition of the footpath network, so that we can plan the next workday. We also discuss more general matters relating to the state of the countryside in and around Newick

The dates of our meetings are published in our Calendar.

Chair and Char Wallahs

We are a democratic organisation and do not have a single "Chair Wallah". This position rotates around several members over a period of months. Each chairperson gathers together information for the meeting and prepares a Power Point presentation with the agenda and main discussion points.

The very important responsibility of making tea also rotates, with each member taking their turn to supply tea, milk and biscuits and be "Char Wallah".

After each meeting, the Power Point presentation and minutes are published in the Google Drive.