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If you have any queries about Newick Rootz and the work which we do, please contact us using one of the methods below. We are always keen to welcome new members, so if you are interested in joining the group, please contact us:


Messenger: @newickrootz

Facebook: @newickrootz

Membership Forms

Inevitably, in these days of Risk Assessment and Data Protection, there is a certain amount of form-filling to be done. Also, because we work together with several other organisations, each has its own form to be completed. These ensure that all of our volunteers are covered by insurance, if someone unfortunately suffers an injury while doing Rootz work.

Here are the links to download the forms that you will need to complete if you wish to join us. Each is available in PDF format to print, or MS Word if you are able to fill it in and return it electronically.

Mandatory forms for all Rootz members, including those joining on a temporary basis:

  • Rootz membership form (PDF, Word)
  • East Sussex County Council volunteers form (PDF, Word)

Optional forms for working on Reedens Meadows or Woodland Trust land (Beechlands Mill Wood):

  • Lewes District Council Reedens Meadows volunteers form (PDF, Word)
  • Woodland Trust volunteers form (you get a free polo shirt with this one!) (PDF, Word)