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We have regular workdays, typically once a month, and these are arranged on different days of the week so that people who have regular commitments can attend at least some of them. Most of the time, we work on the public footpath network, doing various jobs appropriate to the time of year. However, we occasionally do other work, such as hedge-laying with the Woodland Trust and work on Newick Common with Lewes District Council.

The dates of our workdays are published in our Calendar.


Newick has several miles of public paths. Most of these are categorised strictly as footpaths, which means that they can only be used by people on foot, and must not be be used by horses or vehicles. However, there are also some bridleways on which riding is allowed, and one "byway", which can (theoretically at least) be used by motor vehicles. Each path has been given a number by East Sussex County Council, as shown on this map.

Maintenance Work

During the growing season, much of our work consists of keeping paths clear. It's amazing how quickly weeds can grow, and without regular cutting down our footpaths would soon become overgrown and impasssable.

In winter, we concentrate more on the various structures along the footpaths, such as stiles, gates, fingerposts and waymarks. Where appropriate, we work with landowners to ensure that this work is done to the correct standard and at the right time.